Our History.

W. Robert Landis founded Landis & Setzler, P.C. in 1968. Our attorneys have upheld the highest level of integrity, dedication and professionalism for over 45 years, Our clients can expect personal attention and diligent representation.   Located in the heart of Chester County, Landis & Setzler, P.C. is a reputable legal resource serving the greater Philadelphia Area.

Our Mission

Landis & Setzler, P.C. represents various legal practice areas. 

Real Estate
The firm can help protect you in the areas of Commercial Leasing, Commercial Real Estate, Landlord and Tenant Law, Neighbors and Pets, and Residential Real Estate in accordance with the Commonwealth of PA.

Association Law
The firm's attorneys participate in the representation of the firm's clients who are involved in the formation, governance and management of condominium and homeowners associations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and other jurisdictions.

Municipal Law is the law specific to a particular city or county (known legally as a "municipality"), and the government bodies within those cities or counties. This can cover a wide range of issues, including everything from police power, zoning, education policies, and property taxes.

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